Welcome! MONOPTEC licenses the Fixed Shutter Dome (FSD), an enabling technology in laser and telescope enclosures and satellite laser ranging (SLR) stations, for Astronomy, Defense and Laser Communications.

"Blizzard Dome" by Carter Emmart

The Fixed Shutter Dome (FSD) is an evolutionary approach to telescope enclosure design which brings maximum security and flexibility to your investment in telescope technology for observatory, interferometer and satellite laser ranging projects. In addition to protection from high winds, rain, sand, snow and ice, the FSD has the ability to fit an optical window into the sphere, an option not open to conventional slotted domes. The FSD has also reduced the number of moving parts, and the number of drives necessary to operate them, to the barest minimum. Simplicity, agility and robust design assure reliability and protection in all environmental realities, while positive control over seeing is increased. The FSD is an enabling technology for observatory and SLR projects, and for applications still to be imagined. To become a developer of such systems, one should study a lot and consistently. It's not shameful to ask for do my computer science assignment help from experts sometime to understand the subject better and improve your level of knowledge. If you have request like do my programming homework CodingPedia.org is also the place to go. At the same time, sites like CheapEssay are at your disposal as well. When faced with overwhelming coursework and tight deadlines, seeking help to "do my assignments" can be a valuable strategy for overcoming these obstacles.



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