MONOPTEC 's Fixed Shutter Dome (FSD ) is an enabling technology for all telescope enclosure applications from astronomy to SLR's and beyond. No other design can achieve the close ratio of oculus to dome diameter found in the FSD; to accommodate natural purging; the need for a larger view of the sky, such as in teaching institutions; or for improved tracking speed for the telescope, in cases where continuous viewing through the zenith is critical, such as in asteroid tracking. The smooth figure and compact dimensions of the FSD matches the requirements of observatory and SLR projects with simplicity of design and operation, economy of construction, and predictable aerodynamics.

For individual and interferometer applications. Readily formed of light metals, this mass production Fixed Shutter Dome (FSD) can accommodate a host of telescopes and SLR's. As such it represents a significant industrial opportunity for a major telescope or SLR manufacturer to create a fully autonomous device for mass production. Composite versions are currently licensed and produced by Electro Optic Systems Pty Limited.
For smaller institutional and government applications, and for sophisticated amateur enthusiasts seeking state-of-the-art enclosures. Typically of aluminum, this lightweight FSD will offer astronomers an alternative to conventional slotted domes. The 5.5:11-meter FSD represents a sound industrial opportunity for a small to medium size defense or aerospace contractor to branch into the burgeoning observatory dome market.
 Aimed at the new 4 to 8-meter mirrors, and resulting in an FSD of 20 to 30-meter diameter. Major institutions have a real need for reliable steel enclosures for their newest telescope projects.
For roof-mounted remotely operated catadioptric units with a self-contained CCD telescope, returning images to school or home computers for subsequent analysis. Injection molded or spun in metal, this application of the FSD will return real science to the classroom and home by offering astronomy to students and daytime users through pre-programmable night viewing features.



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