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MONOPTEC was founded in 1989 to license the Fixed Shutter Dome, (FSD), an observatory and telescope enclosure, to institutions, manufacturers, and individuals. MONOPTEC is owned by Ethan Cliffton, Inventor of the FSD.

MONOPTEC will work closely with licensees, engineers, and manufacturers in the development of applications for the FSD. Our experience and access to experts in astronomy, aerospace and defense will be brought to bear on production design issues as they arise.

MONOPTEC is prepared to respond to your needs for observatory and telescope enclosures and space and satellite tracking stations with immediacy and intensity.

Ethan Cliffton, CEO Monoptec
Ethan Cliffton, CEO - MONOPTEC

Ethan Cliffton won The Rolex Awards For Enterprise, 1993, for his design of the FSD and has been involved as an architect, consultant and designer in some of the most technically demanding projects to be found. He has contributed to design of the enclosure for the world's most powerful electron microscope, the Atomic Resolution Microscope in Berkeley, the world's largest telescope, the Keck on Mauna Kea, the International Space Station in LEO, and the Mars Base in Candor Chasma. He has served as a consultant for the remodeling of the NASA IRTF and UKIRT observatories.

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